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Leg-Up - A new site for money saving tips, coupons, freebies and more.
We have launched a new site called Leg-Up  http://www.leg-up.co/

The site has been set up to help people looking for help. Sounds confusing but it really isn't. If you are in need of help for anything, mowing your lawn, fixing a wall or putting together some flat pack furniture, just find the area you live in and make a post explaining what you need help with. Others can then search the area and see if they can help.

Alternatively, if you have spare time and could help with something, make a post in your area section explaining what you could help with.

There is also a section for money saving tips, coupons etc as well as a fundraising section for gofundme pages.


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Loot Crate (Admin created)
Loot Crate


Founded in 2012, Loot Crate™, Inc. is the worldwide leader in fan subscription boxes. Loot Crate partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture to deliver monthly themed crates, produce interactive experiences and digital content, and film original video productions. In its first five years, Loot Crate has delivered over 14 million crates to fans in 35 territories across the globe.










Press Inquiry - http://news.pr.co/presskit?_ga=1.21254139.1144267682.1490091770


Suppliers - https://www.lootcrate.com/supplier

Content Creators - https://www.lootcrate.com/partner

Tags - Loot Crate, Loot Crate DX, Loot Anime, Loot Gaming, Loot Pets, Loot Wear, geek, gamer, exclusives, collectibles, wearables, merchandise, licenses, tech, gadgets, art.
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Story Homes (Admin created)
Story Homes

About Us

Founded by Fred Story in 1987, Story Homes has a long and successful reputation of building high quality and high specification homes.

The family owned business has grown in size and status over the years thanks to the passion and commitment from each and every colleague. We take pride in every aspect of our work and customer feedback confirms that a Story Home is a fantastic home to own.











Tags - Homes, houses, luxury, developments, north east, detached, semi detached, town house,mid/end link, mid end terrace, bungalow, dormer, apartment, award winning, satisfaction, quality, dedication
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FUNKO (Admin created)
Everett Washington










Funko is a purveyor of pop culture and licensed-focused collectibles company located in Everett, WA. Funko currently holds hundreds of licenses and the rights to create tens of thousands of characters - one of the largest portfolios in the pop culture and collectibles industry. Funko’s Pop! Vinyl is the number one stylized vinyl collectible on the market, selling millions of figures to collectors around the world.


Collectibles, Dorbz, Pop! Vinyls, Pocket Pops, Mystery minis, Hikari, Fabrikations, Vinyl Idolz, Wacky Wobblers, Vinyl Vixens, Rock Candy, My Little Pony, Wobblers, Super Deluxe
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jstJodie - (Admin created)

Chorley, Lancs


With our great tasting formulas JST Jodie® have the supplements that are cost effective and readily available to assist you in performing your best, helping you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals.





Tel: 01257 754 767 

Supplements, health, skin, joints, fat burner, semtex, hebex, tonex, jbody, jflex, jgold, jmeal, jdiet, jwhey, gym, weights, protein, fitness, Rage
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Bremont Watches (Admin created)

Bremont Watch Company


Time began for Bremont in 2002, when we embarked on a journey to make beautifully crafted pilot’s watches of exceptional quality. Inspired by a love of flying historic aircraft, of watches and all things mechanical, our timepieces had to be tested beyond the normal call of duty. The watches in our core range are all COSC-certified and we are one of the few companies offering a 3-year warranty on every product. Immensely precise, reliable and durable. Bremont watches are hand built in limited numbers.

Each is designed to appeal to those who share our passion for – and appreciation of – the innovation and mastery behind a beautiful mechanical wristwatch. We hope you enjoy the same satisfaction when you try on a Bremont watch, as we do in creating one.









08450 940 690


Watches, luxury, precision, timepiece, military, Jaguar, exclusive, chronometers, English

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United Kingdom







The-Hub has been set up as a comprehensive user populated database of social media accounts, and more. The idea for the site came after I started blogging after a serious health incident. I found it difficult to get in front of people and to find the right people to follow online. Trying to find the right account for someone on Facebook and twitter seemed to take ages. That's when I thought of The-Hub as a way of making it easier to connect with link minded people on the differing social media platforms.

From there the idea expanded, what about all the other accounts people have online that they do not normally share. LinkedIn, eBay shops, amazon wishlist's, emails. Without a dedicated website here really sin't anywhere you can post this information other than blocking up your social media profiles with endless links. Instead, you can list any site, email or contact number that you want on a profile post on here and then just share one link across the different SM platforms using this as an online business card. You can even post videos and images to show what type of stuff you are posting.

the hub home cropped.jpg 

Tags - Twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, snapchat, KIK, youtube, google+, Pinterest. Amazon, ebay, social media, directory, business cards, preview.
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Jaguar UK (Admin Created)
Jaguar UK









Roadside Assistance - 0800 246 844

Warranty - 0344 573 8065

JLR Special Operations Enquiries - 0203 601 1544

Fleet & Business - 0845 600 2214

Insurance Sales - 0800 197 8967

Claims, accident helpline - 0330 100 8702

Customer services - 0330 100 0471


Life. It’s not about figures. It’s about feelings. The moments that feed your soul. The occasions that take your breath away. The instances that leave you speechless. These are the moments we live for. 

That’s why our designers and engineers at Jaguar develop a blend of responsive performance that gets your pulse racing, dramatic design that makes you stop and stare and a sense of theatre that stirs your emotions. 

Our cars are a manifestation of our passion.  Performance that cannot be measured, only felt.  That’s why we call it art.


Jaguar, XE, XF, XJ, F-PACE, F-TYPE, I-PACE, luxury, saloon, sports, portfolio, performance
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Mercedes UK (Admin created)
Mercedes UK
Milton Keynes





Enquiries - cs.uk@cac.mercedes-benz.com

Enquiries - 08081 565 365 / 0333 220 6603 

Owners queries - 00800 9777 7777 / 0207 660 9993

Service Contract - 0370 242 6200

Extended warranty - 0345 641 9765

Motability - 0800 369 8998

Fleet - fleetcustomerhub@daimler.com

Fleet - 0800 3698 998

Insurance product queries - insurance.enquiries@daimler.com

Insurance product queries - 0345 600 2180

Insurance claim - 0344 4933 231 / +44 1912 889 845 (abroad)

GAP, Minor Damage, Tyre ins - 0127 9456 507

Roadside assistance - 00800 1777 7777 / 0207 975 7077 / +44 (0) 207 344 1651

Mercedes-Benz Cars is a grouping of the passenger car brands of Daimler AG, a range which includes some of the most valuable brands in the automotive industry


A, B, C, CLA, CLS, E, G, GLA, GLC, GLE, S, SL, SLC, V, AMG GT, AMG, Daimler, luxury, sport,
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No registration email or verification.
It has come to our attention that some people are not receiving their registration emails. Please check your junk/spam folders and if the email is there move it to your inbox and add the address to your address book/accepted/trusted emails.
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Please note that you can link to any legally available material through your post profile.

These can be your own site, sites you work on, webcam sites, wish lists and you can even link to paid services if you have a paid access snap chat account (just link payment method with what note they should put). You can also post email address's and any agents details.

Once the sections begin to fill up, there will be the chance to get your profile posts pinned to the top of the categories. This will be done by a bidding process and will allow for daily, weekly and monthly pinned posts.

After you have created your profile post, you can copy and paste the URL from the address bar and copy it into your social media accounts instead of having to link all your separate accounts.
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How to get your profile post pinned
After time your profile post will move down the order in the category, although it will always be visible on searches.

If you would like to have your post pinned at the top of the category/subcategory you can do so by bidding against other users for the spot. There will be 2 spots available in each category/subcategory. One space will be for a monthly pinned post and the other for weekly. There will also be a daily spot however this will come in later.

How it works. For both spots new posts will be posted with a closing date and time and a starting minimum bid amount. If you wish to bid just post beneath that with an amount. If there is an existing bid then you would need to increase that bid by at least £1 (all bids in full pounds no pence).

Once the time is up, the post will be locked and payment must be made within a set time frame. There will be a 5 day period for bidding for the week and 3 weeks for the monthly.

Failure to pay may result in being banned from the site, and if the winning bidder does so, the next bidder will get the spot.
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Admin added profiles/What if an account exists with my details?
As well as being a user populated site, we will also be adding useful profile posts to the page. Not only will this help with content but also ensure the best possible user experience for our users.

At present it will just be companies that we will be listing and if that company joins at a later date then please contact the site admin and we will either transfer the post over or delete the admin post allowing you to create your own.
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Creating a standard profile post.
Below is the basic information you should include in your profile post. You do not need to write name before your name etc, this is just to show what information to include to ensure your details are accessible to other users.

Adding external links to twitter, Facebook etc is very easy. Just copy the address you want to list then when creating your profile post click the icon that looks like 2 chain links then copy in your link. Again adding images is also very easy, just click the link next to the above mentioned and you can insert a picture from your own resources or from a website.

Don't worry if you forget any links, you can always edit the post later and add anything else.


Twitter - http://www.twitter.com 
Facebook - 
Instagram - 
YouTube -
Snapchat -
Pinterest -
Kik - 
LinkedIn -
Flickr -
Wordpress - 
Ebay shop -
Amazon wishlist -
Website -
Email -

I am a 28 year old blogger with an interest in food. I run 2 blogs one on healthy eating and one on affordable dining. As well as the blogs I post a lot to twitter and instagram. Please follow my accounts and keep up to date with what I am doing.


Food, blog, blogging, healthy eating, affordable eating
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Welcome to The-Hub, an online directory for social media users and more.

The idea behind the hub is to create a user populated database of peoples online social media, work and personal accounts. From twitter and snapchat to personal websites and LinkdIn. Any online account you have you can link it here.

The process is simple, just find a category that best fits your interests/hobbies and create a new post and share your links. So for example if you have a youtube channel that posts unboxing videos then you would post under the subscription box category and the appropriate subcategory.

At the bottom of your post add any tags that you feel may help your details be found it's as simple as that.

There is a basic template that you can copy into a new post and then just override the relevant details https://the-hub.discussion.community/post/creating-a-standard-profile-post-8429032?pid=1294956153
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